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before I speak on matters strange..

before I give a write up of a kid-friendly rpg that I designed, I thought I'd give some general design goals and ask if anyone knows of a system that fits that goal or can suggest (create) such a system.
This would probably be better done before reading my next post 8)
Goal (System): kid-friendly rpg system that is one step removed from free form make-believe. It would be a simple introduction to roleplaying. The mechanics would be rules lite and emphasis would be on flow and story over realism. The system would reward players for shared storytelling.
Goal (Genre): As most systems are better at particular types of stories, my emphasis is on creating a fairy tale / story world. Combat is not neccessarily the best way to solve a problem and there are numerous stories about young characters overcoming great adversity.
Thanks a Million Quatloos in advance!
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  Wirrten und wimmelten in Waben;
  Und aller-mumsige Burggoven
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