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Storytelling/Storyteller alternates settings.

As requested by creativedv8tion, here are a couple of links.

Fantasy Storytelling: This is one possible mod for using the nWoD system's base structure in a fantasy context. I don't agree with all of their design decisions and have had several 'spirited' debates with at least one of its major contributors about a number of systemic and mechanical things relating to the Storytelling system in general and fantasy as well over at the White Wolf Fora, but here is their personal take on it and it's definitely worth at least a look over. I may be opinionated and arrogant, but if everyone is entitled to my opinion, it's only fair to let them have their own as well. I'll eventually do my own version of a full generic nWoD fantasy mod, but I'm already working on several other mods for things.

Speaking of which, it's pimpin' time:

My 40KRP egroup: Here I host an ongoing discussion of how to make/convert the fascinatingly rich 40K setting to a true RP system, and the group actively fosters multiple viewpoints and parallel projects. the currently-sketchy and WiP yet playtestable files of my own Pax Imperialis (Storytelling system to 40K) are there in the files section, as is an older project that is actually in a playable yet incomplete, simply called 40KRP (it was based on the old WFRP rules, but developement ceased when I decided that the WFRP system wasn't up to my personal gaming needs). I really like what I've got going on in PaxImp for psi-powers so far, if I do say so myself.

There's also discussion currently going on (if slowly) of starting a collaborative project for making an entirely other system-project that might appeal more to a broader mass of the setting's fans than my pet nWoD mod (currently thoughts are divided over just what core ruleset to use. It seems that leading candidates are currently D20 of some flavor and something built roughly on Inquisitor with some WFRP1&2 touches).  That other project will get off the ground eventually, but I'm in no hurry for it because it'll mean more work for me given that it looks like I'll end up being a sort of developer for pulling the project together whether I'm working on the actual system or not. If they go the route that's semi-related to WFRP, my older 40KRP mod will probably get another look, be thoroughly gutted and then used as a part of the thinking process for the new one. I wonder if it's worth setting up a parallel LJ community to help this group's work out. Hmmmm. I should probably make the files available in another way than just download from the group's files section, but that's a concern for another day methinks.

Warhammer: Dark Fantasy: This is another group of mine (quiet lately thanks to life and my multiple design projects). It hosts discussion of and fairly up-to-date versions of the files for converting the WW Dark Ages ruleset to the Warhammer world. I'll complete this eventually, and when that's done I'll also do an nWoD version because I'm a hopelessly over-ambitious completist.

If folks are interested in getting hold of some of the files I've made but don't want to join egroups for it, arrangements can be reached I'm sure. That aside, I'd welcome any and all input and commentary on my own work, that of the folks that made the Storytelling Fantasy rules, etc. the 40K weapons in particular need a lot of fixing on my end because when I wrote the (partial) version now existing, I did it all in one night minus sleep and forgot about the Armor Piercing rules in the nWoD core due to said sleep deprivation. ;) I'd love to know what folks think, and even harsh criticism is cool as long as there are constructive aspects to said criticism (and no, at this point I don't consider "scrap it entirely, use X system you don't own the rules for instead!" to be particularly constructive since I just am not going to spend money on more core rulebooks for quite some while. 

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