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7th seas suggestions sought

one of my players has recently acquired a 3 point background "true identity" which he doesnt want to know or have any input into - he wants to discover it during teh game along with teh rest of the players. Any suggestions for what could be fun/entertaining/just plain nasty?

Character concept – a vodacce swordman/vinter who is a bit of a james bond style character who also does the more vodacce orientated back stabbings.

He is tied by fate bonds to a group of fate witches who try and manipulate the world scene, and the player thought it would be fun to have a reason why this group of 7 witches had chosen him to be a part of their mechanics.

The group consists of Rafael, as well as a castillian noble swordwoman, an Avalonian bard, and a Vesten skaerjen. To date they have mainly been undertaking tasks such as rescuing people, finding information/evidence, attacks on the inquisition, and are currently on a mission to find and destroy keiren’s cross that grants him immortality.

As it’s the fate witches he is tied to, I`m wondering if there should be more of a fate theme to the true identity, as opposed to illegitimate son/heir etc … something more along the lines of fated to do something, even prophesised to do something (that way other groups/societies have an excuse to be aware of it and potentially be against it)

In a recent trip to the fey lands, a guardian took his mask - the physical representation being the black mask he wears when doing covert missions, but also potentially the more metaphorical mask, explaining why its only now that other people start to pick up on who he is and what he’s destined to do.

I know this is a very short summation of the game that’s been running for nearly a year, but if anyone wants to know more, let me know and I`ll fill in further.

All suggestions greatfully received!
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