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My own Campaign Setting

Hey everyone, been a subscriber for a long while but never really posted, always more interested peoples ideas how to run and play my favorite games. Right now I am a Fanatic, not a fan, nor player of, but a fanatic of Dungeons and Dragons. With other 6 Core classes, 32 PrCs, 30+ spells, and 28 monsters under my belt as a creator (not to mention magic items, artifacts, and characters)... I have begun an epic adventure of my own. Writing and creating my own Campaign Setting, utilizing what I have created.

My question is... Would it be worth it? Do I have a chance of having my Setting picked up by a company or published? I have gotten praise for my creations... But I fear my attempt at writting this would be to get no response from it. So... Is it really worth typing up 200+ pages of background, classes, timelines, maps etc. ... If I may not receive anything for it besides knowing I accomplished something few have the time or patience to carry out?
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