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Video Game Music as Table Top Background Music

In the past few months, I've come to realize that my favorite source of background music for my games is music from video games. It's typically more concerned with creating a mood than being catchy or whatever, and unlike classical or film soundtracks, video game music tends to be less dynamic, with longer periods between major changes, which is perfect for rpg background music, where I want creepy music or action music or whatever for half an hour or so, and that really cool 20 seconds from Gladiator just isn't good.

This thought was cemented when I picked up Amon Tobin's Chaos Theory, which is the soundtrack to the new Splitner Cell game. I've never played Splitner Cell, but I'm a big Amon Tobin fan and this CD kicks complete and total ass! It's perfect for creepy action spy type of games, especially if you've got a bit of a retro kick to them. I'm also using it heavily in my current Vampire game.

So anyway, the point of all this is I'm asking for recomendations on video game music that works well for rpg background music. I'd like to avoid anything that sounds too plinky, so it's only newer soundtracks or orchestral rerecordings or whatever. I'd prefer titles where they've actually released soundtrack albums, but if it's a PC game where the music is a folder of MP3 files that works too.

A few that I'm already using or have used:
Most every Final Fantasy game ever.
Myst III
Diablo II
the above mentioned Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
Archlord (a korean game that has the soundtrack on their website, and is completely perfect for epic fantasy!)
Temple of Elemental Evil

In particular, I'm curious if any good pirate or super hero game soundtracks have come out. Does City of Heroes have incidental music? How about "Sid Meyer's Pirates!"? But any good recomendations of video game music for RPGs of any genre will be appreciated.
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