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Blending Magic and Technology

The recent chatter about "Steampunk" has got me thinkign about my treatment of the mix between magic and technology in my campaign world. When I created my campaign world, I wanted to include elements of technology without losing the fantasy. I had originally left this in the hands of dwarves using a blend of rune magic and machines and arcane sciences. When the Iron Kingdoms stuff came out I was inspired to impliment (rip off) some of that flavor for my world too.

As an example, there is a realm in my world known as the Konigslande. They are a realm of law, enforcing structure and control over their society n the wake of a "great war". For the Landic people I decided that the randomness of magic and open spell-casting would be too unsettlign for them so they have abolished true wizardry in favor of a form of magical technology by which devices use raw magical energy to produce specific effects which are built into their designs. This ensures a certain level of control over the use of magic in their society. The drawback to this is that the raw magic breaks down the material components of these devices creating a society of waste which is always hungry for resources and has pushed them to a degree of imperialism.

I am curious how other have worked technology into their fantasy games.

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