dire_emu (dire_emu) wrote in roleplayers,

A party of idiots

No, not the players, the characters.

I had a thought, wouldn't it be fun to play a game where your party were not the true grit, tough as nails, strong as steel sorts, but a bunch of sorry sods who just can't for the life of them get it right.

Perhaps they are the local throw-outs who have spent their lives on the fringe of their society stumble onto a real adventure. Maybe, they are the lessers of greater folk who have stollen their ways into adventure (think Time Bandits). How about a group of stragglers, left behind or deserted from a military force of conscripts who are having to bumble their way toward safety?

I think there is potential here and that such a game would present a nice break from the glamour of robe-clad mages and the polished steel of fighters.

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