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Interesting concept... what do you think?

Found on http://www.costik.com/paranoia/ :

Hybrid System Games

A new company, Hybrid System Games, is trying an interesting idea: selling a tabletop roleplaying game as a Web service. You pay $20 to join, then $7/month for access to a Wiki with all the material for their science-fiction roleplaying game, Equat10n. As the site FAQ explains, it's all under a Creative Commons license with no digital-rights management, so presumably you immediately download everything available to your hard drive. But then (the Hybrid designers must hope) you stay a subscriber to get supplemental material, which is dynamically integrated into the existing material on an ongoing basis.

On the face of it this looks (a) impressively well-executed and (b) doomed. But I wish them luck. The financials of publishing an RPG grow ever more difficult, leading to fiascos like White Wolf's disastrously received attempt to license players of its Mind's Eye Theater LARPs. Whether or not Hybrid System Games in particular makes a go of this new approach, would you ever consider buying new PARANOIA material -- or any paper roleplaying game -- on this web-service basis?


This looks interesting, and I'm wondering if there's some future in it? What do you think?
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