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I actually dreamed this ...

It's about 15 years after the "Golden Ticket" events at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and the English Government (read "M's" office from James Bond films) gets a strange and unusual message from one 30 something Charlie Bucket.

"Oh my God! I don't know what he's done but he doesn't know how to stop it. Evacuate the city, clear everyone out. We are trying to contain it the best we can but the effect just keeps growing. Numerous Ooompa loompas are dead or dying ... those that weren't immediately killed have ... changed. It's horrible and Willy, I'm worried is beginning to be affected to. Several of the ... things ... are chanting about the "Candy King."

Please send help. This machine has got to be shut down. I can't get close enough to it because I'm afraid it will begin to affect me also. I'm doing everything I know to contain the effect but ..... (looks off screen and down, strange clicking and poping noises are heard) the energy levels are changing? (Turns back to screen) I've got to go. Please send help or we will all be doomed!"

At approximately the time the transmission ended, there was an explosion at the Chocolate Factory. It was heard for miles though no apparent damage was seen behind those locked gates.

Then things began to change. Everything within a 3 mile radius of the factory began to turn into various forms of candy! It is affecting everything except animals and people. When the effect hits them either they collapse from the sugar intake (several diabetics suffered horribly) or change into these horrible confectionery killing machines. Candy Cane claws, licorice spines, able to shoot hard candy at killing speeds are just some of the "mutations" seen. And the affect is getting larger, slowly creeping several inches a day.

We've evacuated the area. We know that with sufficient precautions, a person can resist the "effect" for 48 hours. Based on what intel we have, some sort of machine is putting out the impossible "candy waves." We are assembling a crack team from around the world to turn "the machine" Mr. Bucket mentioned off or destroy it. We've called in two people from the "Golden Ticket" event to hopefully help guide us through the factory. Veruca Salt, heir to the Salt Nut fortune and now international CEO of the Salteburton which has garnered most of the government contracts for the recent Iraq conflict and other government contracts and Mike TV, brilliant scientist, inventor of numerous technologies and winner of the Nobel Prize in applied science despite his affliction.

So yeah, now Rod's little brain starts feeding me D20 Modern stats and other such Referee information.

I geek even when I sleep!

I mean ... whoa ... what a great fun high level campaign! Chock full of fun and candy goodness with a side of danger and death. I, of course, would have to have the changed Oompa Loompas sing some *new* songs. What lurks in the Chocolate River. Why are Varuca and Mike so eager to help get back in the factory?
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