Dee Jay 7-Tails AKA Ken (kitsunex) wrote in roleplayers,
Dee Jay 7-Tails AKA Ken

Wod = SLA Industries

ok here is my plan. Me and my buddy are going to co-gm a sla industries game. I'm going to do a bpn and he's going to do one.. and repeat. that way we both get to play and we aren't stuck running all the time. Here is the twist. we are gonna do it using the new WoD corebook as our base.

overall it doesn't look to difficult. we may modify att's for differing aliens like for 313 Stormers, they start with a base 2 str. but have no base dots in intelligence. Another alternate idea i had was maybe making it just effecct the cost of the attribute. Such as with the previous example, the stormer would only have to pay one dot for the 5th dot of strength and dots purchased in str wtih xp are also cheaper.Their intelligence would also cost slightly more to raise with XP.

As for skills, rather than doing a Pri, Sec. Ter. method they would just get the overall amount of points to distribute. So lets say 22 points. As for package, pachage would give one free dot in each of its relevent skills to start.

Ebon skill would be a seperate set of skill that we are working on. Basically we are thinking of compressing them down to 4 skill sections. So for blast: One Dot equals Blast 1-4, Two dots = Blast 5-8, etc. i'm still mulling over this section

Thats about where i'm at. any comments or suggestions?
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