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Looking for some references

Beyond the DMG, are there any other good sources on how to do this and make
it balanced.

I want it to be a ECL 4 or 5 (yes, these will be heavy weights.)

Essentially they are a race literally infused with magic. The whole race is
essentially sorcerers. There are three "social classes" of the race and
their natural sorcery will create very small "spell" lists.

The first is a warrior class, thus very offensive magic comes naturally to
The second is the building/farming/administrative class thus things like
healing, farming related and such.
The third is essentially a hunter/ranger/stereotypical wild elf type thus
lots of druid/ranger spells.

I'd like to make it where the class even if they chose another class would
still progress in their areas but only a +1 in sorcerer levels (no other
sorcerer benefits and picking from the "racial class" spell list.) unless
they chose sorcerer as a class (which particularly talented ones do).

I'd really like it be a flexible thing and not grant them "supernatural
abilities" or "special abilities" (though they will get one or two like the
warrior class is bigger and literally bred for fighting than the farming
class which would have a higher wisdom and bred to keep the community going,
while the Hunter Class provides food may get a dex bonus)

I'm trying to figure out how "balance" this out so that a 10th level say
fighter of the warrior class would be equivalent to a 10th level regular PC

I'm thinking I might use the BESM D20's point system that they used to
balance things out.

But I'm a little stumped on how to create the race (then maybe template the
particular "social class?")

Is there any decent sources on how I can achieve this?

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