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You’re Role-playing Identity:

(Cross-Posted in Personal Journal.)

Though countless years I have assumed identities of various unreal people. From simple D&D to more complex GURPS I have found a series of favored personas that seem to personify my personality and style of play. I don’t know if you can use some Jungian manner of psychological study to see the kernel of my mind in these archetypes, but it is a nice thing to start a game and know you have a niche to fill. So, as this is cross posted in my journal as well, enjoy:


L5R = Kakita Duelist
D&D 3.5 Basic = Human Cleric (Healing/Sun Domains)
Eberron = Shifter Druid
Rolemaster = Human Rogue
Mage: The Ascension = Son of Ether (Prefers: Etherite)
Mage: The Awakening = Free Council Warlock
Vampire: The Requiem = Ventrue Carthain
Exalted = New Moon Lunar
Earthdawn = Human Scout
Champions = Martial Artist Light Brick
BESM = Bishi Demon Child
Cyberpunk = Xenomod Techie
Shadowrun = Orc Rigger
Transhuman Space = Xoxed Immortality Junkie
Aberrant = Teragen Allied Super Normal
Adventure! = Stalwart Reporter
Trinity = Clairvoyant Space Pilot
Dragonstar = Half Elven Pilot/Mage (Astromancer)
Street Figher RPG = Cowboy Kickboxer
Secret of Zir’an = Ghosthunter Rune Mage
Mekton Zeta = Veteran Pilot/Land Strider Mechjocky
Torg = Cyberpapasy Heretic Revolutionary
Star Wars = Jedi Starfighter Pilot (Green Lightsaber)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. How about you?
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