mr0krinkle (mr0krinkle) wrote in roleplayers,

A conundrum

Ok, first off, im new here


Only been RPing for about 5 years now. From most White Wolf products (favourite being joint of Vampire: Masquerade and Exalted) to 3rd Edition DND. Played a bit of Legend of the Five Rings (2nd edition stuffs)


Anyway, other than that. My trouble is:

I am planning on running a DnD campaign again in my own world i had once set up. Anyway, new characters are being made at 5th level. Im using the point system, but this is where it gets tricky.

How many points do you guys allocate? I always find that only 28 is a little less. And tend to go for 30 myself.

But i'm more just curious at what you'd suggest

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