dire_emu (dire_emu) wrote in roleplayers,

Seasonal Games

The recent discussion of the Iron Patriot got me thinking about something I've had fun with in the past - Seasonal Games.

What is a Seasonal Game you may ask? These would be special one off games to tie in with the current season whether it be holiday or whatever. I have done this a few time to great effect. If you can key in on the emotional connection of a holiday or particular time of year you can often tap into a usually inaccessable part of your players.

For me, it has usually been Halloween games, using the spooky gloom of the season to spin the players through ahunted tales of terror. I have run a few Super Hero and WW2 games set against the Christmas Season.

I'm curious if anyone else has ever done so, and if so, how did it go for you?

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