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[Mage] A Space Opera Netbook

Cut for brevity because of cross-posting to spysdemise, the_ascension, wod_lj, roleplayers

So the story must have gotten around by now. If the Mage genre book Tales of Magick: Dark Adventure had really taken off, they would have followed it up with ToM: Space Opera. By now it's obvious it didn't and clearly they never will.

As it happens, I've developed a hankering for a writing project. And while my idea for an article on the Void Engineers leaving the Technocracy simmers on the back burner, I thought I'd give this idea a shot.

So I started brainstorming an outline last night, pasted below. It is neither complete nor exhaustive, but it's a start. Does anyone have suggestions on tropes, elements or anything else I should be sure to include?

  1. Introduction

  2. Tropes

    • Living Space

      • Extraterra Firma
      • Castles in the Sky

    • We Are (Not) Alone

      • The Galaxy Brims Over
      • Just Us
      • Transhumanism

    • Getting Around in the Universe
    • The Undiscovered Country

  3. Plot Hooks

  4. Character Types

    • Amoral Scientist
    • Benchthumping Engineer
    • Fearless Captain
    • Hard-Boiled Security Officer

  5. Space Opera in Mage: the Ascension

  6. The Bisocchian Coprosperity Sphere

  7. Marvellous Inventions

    • Ships of the Line

      • Etherjammer
      • Skyrigger

    • Machines That Go "Bing"

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