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Selling old gaming stuff- worth the bother?

Thanks to a bad car accident my husband and I were in back in February and the wonders of disability and insurence not covering all our expenses, we're looking to sell off some of our older gaming stuff, mostly AD&D first and second edition books - there's also some other stuff like a Dragonlance box set, and an Inn of the Last Home that we don't use that we could probably sell ...

But the question is, if we were to Ebay this stuff, would it sell? How would we know what to price it as, as far as minimum bids go, or should we just hope for the best? Is their a guide somewhere that tells you what old RPG books are worth (if anything)? Is there someplace better than Ebay to sell them? How do you advertise such things so you get bidders/buyers/etc?

Thanks for any advice you can give!

In a bind,
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