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Star Wars - A Child's Tale: Yoda's Tale

Two Word pages of Yoda speak later and I have this for the scene where the players learn their true background.


“Welcome, you all are. Happy I am, to see you. Honored, I am, to be your teacher. But who am I, wondering are you? Then tell you, I shall. Master Yoda, am I and for one hundred years now, have I trained younglings in the ways of the Force.”

“The Force, you ask? What has it to do with you? Everything. For all things, the Force do possess. In us. Around us. In all things it is. Controls us, it does not. But guide us, it can. If at peace with it you are, a powerful tool can it become. My task, is it, to guide you down the path of the Light Side.”

“Nonsense, you may think, but no nonsense is this. Powerful are the Jedi but more importantly, just and right, they are. Already begun, have you, on your journey. How you may ask? Ask yourself, should you.”

“Nara, strongest with you, is the Force. Feel it you have. When still. When at peace, flowing through you, you have felt it. But not skilled in its use are you.”

“Brenz, do you not wonder how your thoughts seem so easily to flow. To form into the complexities of the machines to which you seem so well accustomed. Genius is it, yes. But also, the Force it is. Guiding, helping. As it it was with the Dust Cat, so can it in all things.”

“Mmmmmm, Delz. Much anger do I feel in you. But anger not of hate is it. No. Not hate. Sorrow. Though also a path to the Dark Side, is sorrow, control it you will learn to. Our emotions, must we be in constant vigil of, for if give in to them we do, then down the path to the Dark Side will we slip.”

“Bela. Befriended of nature are you. Close to the Living Force have you become. Master Hulka has taught you well. Mmmm, yes, a Jedi he was. As were each of your guardians. Decided it was by the council.”

“Why you ask? For your protection. Long ago, a bargain did your father strike. A bargain with the Sith. In exchange for their aid and the power to bring peace to your world, his first born child would he promise, for strong in the force is the bloodline of Tarentine.”

“Much time did pass, and always did your father remember his promise. But fall in love did he. With a young Jedi Knight, named Tasha. Your mother was she. Powerful in the ways of the Force was she, but give it up she did for her love. Not wrong was this.”

“Much time did pass and grow did your father’s love for your mother. But love can lead to sorrow which can lead to hate and hatred did he feel. Hatred for himself, for the oath he did swear to the Sith. A child he would not give to your mother. But a child, did she want. Strong was this desire.”

“A plot, did she conceive and conceive she did. Born soon, was the first child of the Tarentine, your brother Tolin. Forced to face his own fears was your father. Unaware was he, that his bargain with the Sith had been forgotten, lost with the death of the Sith Lord, Darth Brutalis, who with it had been made. And so live in fear they did, waiting for the time, when appear would the Sith, their son to take.”

“But never did the Sith come and soon, the promise was forgotten. Lost in the fog of love and the wonder of family, was it. Sure they were, that the bargain had been forgotten and more children did they have. Yourselves, they were and to happiness were they born.”

“Too soon, however, did the Sith find them. The plot of Darth Brutalis, discovered was. To Tarentine came a new darkness. Darth Ire was he. Apprentice to Darth Brutalis had he been and the Sith Lord’s plan had he discovered. Though a deal, there had been made, refuse to accept it did your Mother and Father. To protect you all, battle him they did. Long, fierce, bringing sorrow, not just to your family, but to all of Tarentine.”

“A ruthless opponent was Darth Ire and to Tarentine, destruction did he bring. Decided it was, to send the youngest of Tarentine, in secret, to the corners of the galaxy. Perished did you father, before sending you away, he could. Much sorrow did your mother feel. Anger. Fear. Abandon her, would you brother not and stay he did.”

“To safety the Jedi did take you. Your true power, well aware of were they and lose it to the Dark Side want, they did not. Consumed by the Dark Side was your mother and thinking perished had she too, Tolin, filled with anger, Darth Ire, did defeat. But a ruined man, had Tolin become and unsafe was Taretine, for the return of you all.”

“Decided it was, to keep hidden the Trarentine children and to teach them the ways of the Force, so their parents’ paths they would not follow.”

“Now, again has the Sith found Tarentine and need you all your home does. A Sith Witch your brother has taken as his consort. Dark, vile, twisted is she. A Mystery to the Jedi, she is and from where she comes, know we not. Determined, is she, to rule over Tarentine and your bloodline, and fear we do, that she will use it to bear new Sith Lords.”

“Your people, you must help. Need you they do to restore order to your home. Watched are the Jedi council in this matter and near Tarentine we cannot go. But unknown are you to the Sith and succeed where fail we would, may you.”

“Now, questions you have?”
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