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Hello all,

I have decided to join the group here to share ideas and to hopefully get some in return. I have always enjoyed the company of other gamers and the experience of sharing creative ideas with them. I am a 25 year veteran of gaming and started, like man, with d&D and have played just about anything out there. In addition to RPGs, I am also involved in card, board and minis gaming of all sorts, but will keep posts relating to those on the proper communities.

My current passion is running a fun little Star Wars game that I've been kicking around for a bit. I call it "Star Wars: A Child's Tale" and it is the story of four siblings and their journey of discovery as they learn the true nature of the Force and their place in the Galaxy. I would be happy to post the first few posts made to my own journal here for all to see and then continue to post the saga here.

Thanks for having me,

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