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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars: A Stone's Throw

Episode I: No title, really. Just the first session of a new campaign.

It is ten years after the Rebel Alliance's victory at Endor. The fledgling New Republic has encountered many setbacks in its efforts to restore peace and freedom to the galaxy. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has established a Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. Now, three years after its inception, the first group of students has graduated, having shed their padawan braids.

Dramatis Personae:

Sgt. Scupo, NR SpecForces, Herglic male (yours truly), experience in guerrilla warfare, demolitions, and acquisitions.

Captain Rowena, NR SpecOps, Zabrak female (Joanna), pilot extraordinaire.

Ben something or other, human male (Loren), Jedi Diplomat.

S'Bil, Defel male (Jeremy), Jedi Guardian.

Blade Cloudchaser, human male (Barry), Jedi Healer.

B2-PO, 2PO-series protocol droid (Blair).

R2-CD, R2-series astromech droid (Carl), owned by Rowena.

Our heroes are called before Master Skywalker and assigned to travel to Tatooine, where in 2 weeks' time an artifact of great power will be sold at auction at the Mauba auction house is Mos Espa. The group is tasked with determining the nature and value of the artifact, its origin, and acquiring it if necessary. B2-PO is programmed with a credit voucher good for a one-time transaction of up to 2 million New Republic dactaris, for use in purchasing the artifact if necessary. The crew is given a choice of transports, and Sgt. Scupo decides upon the modified YT-1300 freighter. Posing as an independent freighter company, Allied Freight, they will travel to Tatooine with a cargo of machine parts under the leadership of Ben the Diplomat and his partner Blade, with the rest being employees.

En route to Tatooine after R2 blazes a new trail through hyperspace and cuts two days off their projected journey, the Stingray drops out of hyperspace in the outer Sullust system to calculate the second leg of their journey.

[Editor's note: The GM whipped this "adventure" scenario out of his ass, and did not actually consult any canon maps for system location or travel times and distances.]

Upon reversion to realspace, Rowena intercepts a distress signal from the passenger liner Star Queen.

[Editor's note: The GM tends to make up names as he goes along too.]

Sgt. Scupo instructs B2 to make contact with the beleaguered vessel and learns they are under attack by raiders. B2 interfaces with R2, who flies the ship, while Rowena mans the dorsal gunnery turret, all the while complaining loudly about being the only person with any shipboard skills of note. R2 calculates a microjump to put the Stingray into the middle of the fray.

After the microjump, alarms sound across the ship and smoke comes billowing out of the engine room into the lounge. R2 and Blade have some difficulty with the ship's shields, while Scupo and Ben rush back into the engine room to see what's wrong. Meanwhile Rowena scores a hit on the Y-Wing that just happens to be in the aft arc of the Stingray, damaging its engines. R2 does its best to fly evasively, while B2 queries the Star Queen for her status and remaining offensive capabilities.

Ben and Scupo discover the source of the fire in the engine room, and loose, live cable arcing all over the place. Ben attempts to Use the Force(tm) to telekinese the cable back into its socket while Scupo extinguishes the flame, but fails. The Stingray continues to have difficulty with shields as the two pirate Y-Wings abandon the assault on the disabled passenger liner to deal with the new threat, one of them scoring hits on the Stingray's hull.

S'Bil continues attempting to Shift Sense, but for some reason he can only see greens. So he hangs on.

Scupo finds a circuit breaker and shuts off power to the arcing cable for safety. Unfortunately this also shuts off the ship's engines, leaving the Stingray careening *away* from the Star Queen. Rowena shouts curses that can be heard throughout the ship without the need of ship's comm. She scores two hits on the second Y-Wing, incinerating it.

Ben reconnects the now dead cable, shouting at Scupo for disengaging the engines. The bulky sergeant remains unruffled as he re-engages the breaker, giving control back to R2 who turns the ship back toward the Star Queen in an attempt to lead the remaining Y-Wing into its field of fire. Despite scoring two hits on the damaged Y-Wing, the remaining pirate chooses the better part of valor and flees into hyperspace.

As the Stingray maneuvers to dock with the Star Queen and render medical assistance, the camera fades on Episode I...

This was the first game of a new D6 campaign run by my friend Duncan. I thought it would be amusing to chronicle the events here, but cut the details for your convenience in overlooking. Despite getting a late start due to finalizing characters, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Two of the players have never roleplayed before, and two more have never played Star Wars (D6 or otherwise). Despite nearly everyone being useless aboard ship, it was a fun time.
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