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The (almost!) grand finale!

Since I've been rambling on about it so much, I figured I'd tell everyone how the intended last session went. Turns out we're going to have one more, as we really didn't want to try and cram everything in before people had to go to bed. So after an 8 hour session, we have one more and then the game is over.

Details hidden behind the cut so the vast majority of you who don't care can skip it.

So, steampunk/fantasy game, think Final Fantasy meets Star Wars meets American Gods meets Lord of the Rings and you've got an idea. (as far as general plot goes, there aren't any tie fighters or jedi or elves or whatever.)

Basic set up: The world is made of the corpse of an ancient mad god, who it turns out isn't quite dead, and is in fact trying to wake up. His lava-like blood corrupts things into horribly deformed mutated monstrosities. Meanwhile, war wages across the land, as the magic using mongol pirate horde clashes against the logic and reason using steampowered empire.

Stuff that happened in this session:
Bukara, the leader of the pirate army, who's now reached the Real Ultimate Power as far as magic goes, tries to use incredibly long range magic to get the All Important McGuffin from the PCs. The PCs barely manage to keep it, and use magic to call Bukara. He talks to them via an apparition of himself, and politely explains that he's sorry for being so rude, but time really is of the essence because he really needs the McGuffin so they can use it to turn on the Doomsday Device and blow up the island at the center of the world, for very altruistic and important reasons.

Our PCs are then attacked by some strange monsters spewed up by the mad god, but they're on an airship so they escape easily.

They then talk to Bukara's leader, a sometimes ally sometimes enemy Mr. Theroset, who's another long forgotten old god, who wants to reclaim his power. Theroset explains that legend says that the island at the center of the world is the old dead mad god's heart, and if they blow it to hell, the old mad god will stop spewing monsters forth and trying to destroy all life.

Still not entirely sure how to resolve things, the PCs decide this is a good way to go, at least until they have to destroy the Doomsday Device and kill off Bukara and Theroset afterwards so they don't conquer everything.

So our PCs once more fly across the world, as the sea itself tries to reach up and grab them in. They pass over the island at the center of the world, and see the two armies converging there. They warn both groups that it's going to be blown to hell shortly via telegraph, and continue on.

When they meet up with Theroset and Bukara and co, they are dismayed to learn that the old mad god has caused a giant earthquake, and sucked Bukara in! Afraid of what this will mean, our PCs hurridly fly to the Doomsday Device.

Using their own Real Ultimate Power magic, they recreate the other McGuffins needed to operate the DD, and pray to another old lost god for knowledge, and sleep. While dreaming, they realize that if they use the DD to destroy the heart of the Old Mad God's heart, that it will in fact kill the life of the planet, and everything will die.

They wake up, try to decide what to do, when Bukara shows up, mutated and transformed and corrupted and evil. (He was an antagonist before, but he was always very suave and polite and friendly.) And even worse, he has the Big Evil Sword the PCs had encased in stone and tossed into the ocean some time ago. (OMG recovered the sword and gave it to his now lackey.) And with him, the mutated insane Bukara had a legion of strange monsters, elementals and undead. Fortunately, one of the PCs blew a plot twist point, and reinforcements arrived in the form of the surviving Fey that the PCs had befriended earlier and said would show up to help when needed.

We have a massive fight, with 52(!!!) figs on the table! (I must say, I'm once again really freakin impressed with Savage Worlds, as this whole fight took about an hour and a half.)

One PC died, killed by Bukara's magic, another PC almost killed himself when he tried to use the Real Ultimate Power magic to kill all of the monsters in the room, and critically fumbled. He went from no wounds to one step up from KO instantly. Not to mention he'd blown most of his mystical power.

Amazingly, despite all that the PCs managed to win! Bukara died at the blade of his own evil magic sword, which the PCs yanked out of his very hands, and lots of magic and grenades and shooting and attacks from the fey destroyed the other monsters. One of the PCs even befriended a troll that was among the Fey and helping them.

Finally, our heroes buried their fallen comrade, healed themselves, and turned to decide what to do with the Doomsday Device and the Mad God. They talked about what would happen, and Theroset admited that he planned on having his followers sacrifice the Old Mad God to Theroset when they killed the OMG, thus making him Super Freaking Bad Ass. But if that's going to kill all life on the planet, it's perhaps not worth it. He did suggest that after they sacrifice the OMG to him, that he'd probably be powerful enough to restore life to the planet, although that might kill him.

So at 11 PM, we called it a night. One player was getting very tired and everyone has to be at work tommorow. The players now have two weeks to figure out what to do. There's a Mad God to kill or weaken or put to sleep, there's a war to stop, and they really don't want to give Theroset All Supreme Power. You see, he's pretty much a dick. And he'd probably be a real dick if he was the most powerful being in creation. But we didn't want to destroy/save the world and maybe end the world and go home and retire all in half an hour, so we're playing one more game.

All in all, good times.
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