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Help Spread the word...( New Online Store is offically open!)

VESI’s web site has under gone a change in the past few weeks in anticipation of the expected release of the reprint of The Book of the Unliving at Gen Con.  In addition to the new look for the site, VESI has opened up a new online store to better serve our customers! To celebrate this we are running a special on all VESI print products from now till Gen Con!

From now till June 1st save 35% off the cover price on all the core foundation books and 75% off the cover price of the Book of the Unliving Soft Cover edition! All you need is one foundation book to get started as each of the four foundation books, ( Book of the Unliving, Book of the Light, Book of the Spirits and Book of the Fantastical) so now is  a perfect time to step into the world of The Everlasting Role-Playing game and save money while doing it!




In addition to these great savings we are throwing even more in the pot to wet your appetite.  Every order placed on our new online store has a chance of winning special prizes! Most notable of which is the Bloody Ticket. If you find the Bloody Ticket in your order when it arrives at your door steps,  that  means you’ve just won a ticket to attend the mica of gaming conventions, Gen Con!  VESI will pay for your tickets to attend Gen Con or if you can’t make it to Gen Con, pay you half the cost of the tickets!


In addition to the Bloody Ticket, your VESI online store order may win you any number of prizes!


  • Free VESI products
  • Gift Certificates to, Best Buy, Block Buster, Target, Drive Thru RPG and much more!


Every item you buy from our store increases your chances of winning! And if that wasn’t enough to get you rushing over to our new online store, there is more! If you refer a friend and they win a prize, you get that prize too! Fantast members get double the prize value!


Hurry now and save! This offer is only valid for the first 500 units sold!


Visit the online store today at



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