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brainstorming the ideal role-playing sort of place.

Hello, all. :) I hope this is not considered an advertisement,'s more of an open brainstorm. But I'll delete it if you like.

I've been reminiscing lately over the RPGs where I made my first online friends, places now gone to time. I rather miss it; all our opposing energies collided to create the most blissfully complicated stories...that said, you see, it occurred to me not so long ago that I could very well create my own. I'd love to set it all up, and I have a domain as it is, but I wouldn't want to do it without some partners to work with. Because when I'm through I'd like to know someone will take part in it all.

Ideally, I'd like to create a setting that is by no means just another reflection of D&D, like so many others, if you don't mind me saying so. D&D characters seem too simply defined, and that bothers me. None of this 'chaotic good half elf paladine' business for me, I want to create something much more real, much more subtle. And I am not interested in the classic English setting, either. I'd like to focus more on Eastern European (Russian, namely) + Oriental flavours, in an era of medieval, but richly baroque style. Nothing gaudy, I would have it that everything flowed and flowed.

Anyway, to be brief, that's all I'll put. Is anyone interested in talking with me about it?

EDIT: intended medium --- chat / message board style.
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