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Hi everybody! My name is Alex, and I'm new here. I, like many, started out with DnD. Since then, I have migrated on to better things. Looking around my room right now, I can see my old DnD books, the CoC rulebook, GURPS Discworld, the GURPS Basic Set, and a few GURPS supplements. Guess what my favorite RPG is.

Now, the real reason as to why I'm here is because of SenZar. SenZar is the self proclaimed "ultimate in fantasy roleplaying," and easily the most munchkinley RPG around. I challenge anyone to find an RPG other than SenZar in which a character can receive, DURING character generation, a sword that deals 300 damage each hit, or a cloak that stops all damage to the attacked character, and reflects it back at the attacker. Normally, I would hate an RPG like this. But SenZar tries to be munchkinley. Not only that, but the most munchkinley. Thus, it could be argued that SenZar is one of the most successful RPGs ever, in that it accomplishes just what it set out to do.

I am worried. I am worried because I am the only LJ user that lists SenZar as an interest. I'm not saying that I love munchkin RPGs, though I can enjoy them once in a while. I like to roleplay instead of rollplay. To me, SenZar is to be enjoyed for comedic value. But here we have an RPG that does exactly what it sets out to do, and it is not being recognized. Yes, it's a munchkin RPG. Just that is no excuse to attack it. Which RPGs a person likes is a simple matter of taste. I know of two other RPGs that do exactly what they were meant to do: Call of Cthulhu and the Timecube RPG.

I present you with a simple question: Why is the vision of SenZar not being recognized?

For those curious, a review of SenZar can be found here

P. S.
Please don't take this so seriously. Granted the bad reputation SenZar has, I'm more than a little afraid of getting flamed from this. I'm not saying that I like SenZar, I'm not even saying that it's a good RPG system. I'm just saying that it does just what it wants to do, no more, no less, and needs to be recognized for that. SenZar players should be proud to deem their system "satisfactory."
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