Mark (ex_peyton) wrote in roleplayers,

well, greetings one and all. A little background is in order for me to you all.

I am from Vancouver British Columbia Canada, and used to live in Atlanta Georgia for about 5 years(1993 to 1998). I learned to roleplay with a very special group of people in Atlanta, and we used to get together as often as possible to game. Needless to say, we used to get together almost every day. I learned to play Star Wars first and foremost. once I gained experience I was asked if I wanted to learn something new and fun...Advanced Dungeons and Dragons second edition. well by this point I had to go all the way, so I also learned to play Rifts, from Paladium Games. eventually I learned the last of the main gaming systems(at least as far as I'm concerned): White Wolf. we started off with Mage, because three of my friends thought we all would like it. eventually we learned Vampire, Werewolf, and Changeling.(we didn't go into wraith cuz we all thought it was just plain gruesome and too somber, and depressing.) By about 1997 we had branched out even more, into anime type games, such as Big Eyes Small Mouth, and Battle/Robo-tech(which I do not know from a hole in the wall) to gurps(fantasy), to a Western rpg called Deadlands : The Wierd West. I really enjoy gaming, and since 1998, I really haven't gamed all that much... maybe a smattering of online gaming here and there, but nothing that I'm used to. if there's anyone out there, in the Vancouver Area that is into gaming and wants to start let me know :D
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