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caffeinated cheetah

Our gaming group has suffered some problems lately.
We're a modest group of players who try to meet every week to play Aberrant. Currently, we have a total of four players. Three of us have been switching GM responsibilities but we maintain the same campaign world, we affectionately refer to our group as the JED Trilogy as our GMs' names are Joe Ethan and Doc.
Lately, however, we've had problems with Joe. He likes to be arbitrary about the rules, he changes power structures so the rulebook is no longer correct, and he frequently doesn't show up for gaming sessions where he isn't actively an important member of the group. Yesterday was his 6th such absence, without so much as a call or e-mail saying he wouldn't be there.
So the problem becomes, now that the rest of us have decided that we don't want to game with Joe anymore, how do we find more players?

Its really hard finding people to participate in a niche hobby, when the game you're all playing is a niche campaign world that few people have read about or had access to.
I've posted ads on the internet, I've contacted other gaming friends, I posted an ad at the local gaming store, I've even tried to recruit my friends of mine who have never played an RPG.
So, anybody have any suggestions on how I could find some more players? Maybe something I haven't tried yet.

In case you live in the Madison, Wisconsin area, we game at a downtown location on saturdays from 2pm until about 8pm. Contact me through my LJ if you're interested in joining.

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