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You weren't supposed to help her...

(In which I turn to the Roleplayers community once more, this time to help think up a twist ending.)

So I'm running an Orpheus game. Orpheus, for those of you who don't know, is deeply rooted in the movie tradition. References to horror movies abound, and the entire chronicle is paced like an action/horror movie. So I've decided it's time to bring up one of the heavy hitters of the horror genre, especially since The Sixth Sense, The Ring, et al: The Twist Ending.

And once more I'm tapping the collective brain power of this community.

So for the most part this Orpheus chronicle has been awesome. One of the coolest games ever. However, due largely to me being busy and not really preparing, the last session was less than good. Fortunately, the PCs are in the middle of their mission, and I have the second half of the story to try to redeem myself. Here's the tale so far.

The PCs have been called in to investigate a haunted construction site. The Jeffries Building is way behind schedule, and 6 months ago the lead architect fell from the 27th floor to his death. Since then there have been lots of accidents, some fatal. An elevator cable broke, plunging several construction workers to their deaths, cranes have gone out of control, electrical mishaps, etc etc. It turns out the lead architect had a hate/hate relationship with Mr. Jeffries, and it's entirely likely Mr. Jeffries is behind the death. It's entirely likely the architect is haunting the building now, causing all sorts of horror and destruction.

Investigating (The PCs can interact with ghosts, and have certain ghostly powers. Hell, at this point one of the PCs IS a ghost), the PCs learn that the architect was pushed out of the 27th floor by a couple of hired thugs. Who hired them isn't readily known, although they have a prime suspect. They also found the ghost of the architect, who has become quite the monster in his own right. While he may have died for unjust reasons, he's certainly given over to his dark side. (For those of you familiar with Orpheus, he has enough Spite that most of his Stains are always on, but he's not a full blown Spectre. Yet.)

The last session ended with the PCs talking to the murderous ghost, and trying to convince him to give up his mad, bloody rampage. They also offered to help bring Mr. Jeffries to justice.

Now, aside from the fact that our avenging ghost is taking out his frustrations on fairly innocent construction workers, this is a pretty standard ghost story. And we've seen those in the Orpheus game. I want to add some kind of twist.

As shown by The Usual Suspects, The Ring, Sixth Sense, The Others, Fight Club etc etc (and the Village as a counterpoint) the best twist endings are those that no one expects, but once it happens you go "Holy Shit! That makes perfect sense! I should have noticed that!" So it should make sense with the evidence so far. Fortunately, I've got another game session to introduce secret evidence, if need be.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated, as I'm coming up empty.

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