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So, here's an idea that's been rolling around in my head lately. I originally thought of it appyling to LARP- and that's certainly where you would see this the most- but I think you could roll it over to gaming in general. Anyways:

There's one central problem to gaming. And I'm not talking about any of the typical things that spring to mind, mind you. All of those (min-maxing schmucks, psychopaths, monty hauling, and so on...) can usually, in my experience, be taken care of by a GM/DM/Storyteller/Grand Poo-bah/whatever who is not afraid to say: NO. As in: No, you may not play a 6th gen Bastet/Baali abomination with true faith. No, you may not play Elminster. And NO, I don't have to tell you why.

But I digress....

The problem with gaming is that whoever's in charge doesn't know how and/or when to end the story. To go out with a bang, instead of, you know, the other thing. Because as much as we all call it a game, the story is really the thing- otherwise, why wouldn't you just go play Diablo? Any story, by definition, has to have an ending. And I think this is perhaps more pronounced in the case of LARP, since most of them I've been to WANT to just drag on into perpetuity.

Not to mention, endings usually are the best time to do all the slam-bang, bullet time, widescreen action stuff.

The floor is now open...discuss.
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