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Ad&d 3.5 Druid Question.

Hello everyone. I admit I joined the community to ask a couple questions. I'm not a complete noob when it comes to D&D, but it's been a long time since I actually played and that was 2.0 rules. These questions may seem a bit noobish to many of you.

I achieved level 5 as a Druid last gaming session and got the chance to use the Wild Shape ability today. I realize that the ability is based upon the Polymorph spell, but the spell description doesn't go into enough detail. I shifted into a Black Bear (those of you with a Monster Manual can follow along) and I became concerned with two things. Firstly, I was wondering about my attack modifer. The Black Bear description in the MM describes it's base attack bonus as +2, it's claw attack as +6 and it's bite attack as +1. Add in also, it's Strength modifier which is +4. So does this mean that a Black Bear's claw attack is at a +12 and it's bite at +7?

And that's only part of the question. Since the Druid becomes the bear, does that mean he uses *his* attack bonus along with his new Strength modifier plus the weapons bonuses?

Now for the last part of the first question. A black bear can perform a full attack (2 claws and a bite) seemingly without penalty. (I've met monsters that seem to use full attacks very effectively) As a back bear, can the Druid use a full attack without penalty or will he suffer a -4 for each attack made?

Another question about Wild Shape: hit point modification. Using the black bear example, the bear's Con was higher than mine so I multiplied the con modifier for the bear (+2) by my druid level (5) and added the result to my current hitpoints to recieve a temporary total. (27 + 10 = 37)

NOW I have a question about the druid animal companion's advancement. The bonus HD thing is baffling me. The description says the bonus HD is used to also modify the animal's base attack and saves. So, does this mean that at my level 5 my animal companion's (wolf's) base attack and saves increase by +2 as well? If so the text goes on to contradict itself in the next two sentences by saying some mumbo-jumbo about bonuses I'm too tired to try and comprehend.

If anybody can iron this stuff out for me I'd REALLY appreciate it, then I can get back to zapping things with Call Lightning in two weeks. ^_^
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