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Paladins in 3.5

Good Morning, Fellow Geeks!

So, here's the dealie: The Palazzo di Gamer is starting an undead stomping campaign in a homebrewish world using D&D 3.5. Most supplements that we can conceivably use are in use, including Exalted Deeds and (to a lesser extent) Vile Darkness, the Complete X (Where x is a descriptor of classes and/or archetypes found in D&D), Mortis Libris, any of the forgotten realms supplements, etc. If it is in the house, we will probably be using it at some point.

My plan is to play a Paladin of Tyr (Faerun Major Deity), and I am currently looking at the Pious Templar prestige class. I rolled the following stats on standard 4d6, drop the lowest die.


We will be starting at level 6. Here are the questions to the assorted populace of the Roleplayers community:

1) What stat do you put the 8 in?

2) What do you think if I put the low stat in WIS, but take the Mage-Slayer feat (which is dirty, but will effectively prevent me from ever being able to cast effectively, which, as a paladin, is occasionally useful, but not terribly important)? How would the casting as if four levels lower effect spell-like abilities?

3) What items, if you are a Paladin, do you think are completely indispensible? What would you stay away from? Given the Undead Stomping tendencies of our party and campaign, what is most effective in general?

4) I can take the Pious Templar Prestige class starting at sixth level, however that would put me at Paladin 5, Pious Templar 1. The Remove disease ability is a paladin ability at 6th level. Given the likelihood that we will not be running into anything that will be throwing disease at our party until we've had a chance to level at least once, and the Mettle ability of the Pious templar is kind of spiffy, should I go ahead and take Pal 5, PT 1, or just go straight Pal 6, and take up the PT at seventh level?

Thoughts? Questions? Screams of rage?

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