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Vampire legality question

I'm running a vamp Larp where I have 2 factions doing a covert war against each other, pulling influences, abilities, contacts, etc: the Brujah vs. the current Ventrue Prince. The Brujah have been smart so far -the Prince doesn't really know IC who's behind it all at this point.

The Ventrue Prince PC came in and took over the domain from a NPC Ventrue by spreading lies about the NPC to elders and getting the old NPC forcibly removed from the domain. No problems so far - didn't want to NPC the Prince, but that's how the game started. Said NPC though has returned and is pulling strings behind the scenes against current Prince, using old influence that he would still have.

One of the Brujah PCs (who had gotten along with the old Prince) got into a fight with the new Prince (verbal fight, Brujah ended up losing some status by the current Prince). So Brujah decided to covertly fight the Prince using some of his street, contacts & underworld. End result is that the Prince's business, a security company, has criminal proceedings against it for hiring a thug to break into local businesses so that the Prince's company can pimp out the security systems to them. (The thug was paid very handsomely by the Brujah to lie and then the old Prince dominated the thug to really believe that the current Prince hired him to do it. Brujah doesn't realize old Prince is back either.)

So the case starts through the legal system based on the 'evidence' against the current Prince's security firm. Old Prince has Legal 4; current Prince has Legal 4. I determined that the district judge would find that there's enough evidence to set a trial date. The current Prince hears the date's been set and decides to pull his influence, call in his sire's influence (he has the Mentor background at 3 - however, the sire is across the States in New York, we're in Iowa) and his Allies (at 2). Player says he'd have Legal influence of 8 when all's said and done.

What he wants to do with this influence is appeal the decision by the district court to have a trial to the next level (appeals) and if that doesn't work to appeal that to the Supreme Court to determine there isn't enough evidence to even have the trial. Now by this time, the Brujah's backing away and hitting him with something else and the NPC is going to back away as the case becomes too high profile. Its just been determined that there will be a hearing. Would the appeals or Supreme Court even care about this or do anything about it at this time since the case hasn't even finished trial?
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