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Thanks, everyone

Thanks for all your repsonses to my latest post. I'll be talking to my co-Storyteller, and I've emailed my shy player telling him that:

  1. He is a valued player and if he quits the game, he will be missed

  2. I won't prevent a new player from joining, but if problems arise they will be dealt with very quickly

  3. If this new player does indeed target him in-game for real-life reasons, I will be in his corner

We'll welcome all new players, but I'll be keeping a very close eye on the game. It is an Elders Vampire LARP, so there are a few powerful PCs I can ask to befriend his character. I think we can probably cook up a plot that makes him an important lynchpin, too.

Thanks for your advice, all. I'll keep you posted on the drama if any unfolds.
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