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i started with the star wars roleplaying group last night for the first time. it was sorta funny because all of the other characters had been around for a while and we had to figure a way to work me in gently and smoothly, aka, find a way to get me on that damn ship and have a good explanation for it.

so i am a nagai chef on a planet that the ship's crew was trying to steal a ship from and i see a strange animal, (a kushiban, i find out later) rummaging through the garbage cans behind my restaurant one day. after an unsuccessful call to animal control (it ran away before they arrived), i decide that if i see it again, i will kill it myself and put it in a stew.

the next day, there it is again, so i grab three steak knives and start chasing it down the road determined to not let it escape and let it make a fool of me in front of animal control "government officials" again (now picture a gaunt, pale five foot tall cannibal/chef with an apron on chasing a bunny the size of a doberman down the street in broad daylight). well, the thing rounds the corner and when i follow i receive a mortally wounding round of fire to the chest.

next thing i know, i'm waking up on a ship on the other side of the galaxy with protein bars being slid under the door for my meals. and then the worst thing is, i find out that the bunny is the ship's captain!

after they decide that i'm relatively safe (they obviously aren't quite aware of my food preferences or wicked martial arts skills, hehe) they leave me to the galley, where i quietly bitch about the materials i have to work with.

when we land on other planets i stick close to the ship because i would like to see my home and restaraunt again someday... but at this point my devotion to them stops there. i care nothing about the rebellion, but i do know that stormtroopers are lousy tippers and always leave a piggish mess after they eat, so i've got enough reason to stick with these fellows until we get wherever we're going without killing each one and placing them in a hotpocket. i know absolute JACK about flying a ship. i used to fight in nagai army with knives, swords and fists, but that's as technological as i come.

except for the microwave, that is. i wonder where that bunny's cabin is and if he'd taste better as a lasagna or a kushibanburger? i'll teach a little rodent to abduct me and rob me of my stock of seasonings at home!

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