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questions of tact and policy

I have been playing in two campaigns for the past year and a half: one which I adore and one which, as often as not, leaves me frustrated and wishing for change. In general, the most important things to me in gaming are entertaining character interactions and thoughtful plots (I’m not much for mindless hack ‘n slash, though I enjoy Great Cleave as much as the next girl).

This second campaign (D&D, 3.0 with numerous house rules) has a large group of players with occasionally conflicting styles of gaming and irregular play dates due to work schedules. The GM bases XP awards off of combat, so the game is becoming more and more focused on conflict. My character is a 7 foot tall, illiterate farm girl who is, basically, the front line, so I benefit from this, but several others--whose characters have come up with genius solutions in social and political situations but aren’t designed for combat—are a level behind the rest of us.

So, here are my questions, mostly for GM-types: given that the players in this campaign are all good friends, should I approach the GM with my concerns (over-large group, focus on combat, unbalanced XP awards)? As the GM, would you want to know?

And, if I do approach our GM, what solutions could I suggest, especially on the subject of awarding XP?


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