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So I was looking through some files......

..and I found a document that had some stuff for the RIFTS game I was running last year on it. I looked through it and felt a little nostalgic about that game. It was one of the first games I had run in a while and I really tried to put a lot of work in to the setting with background info and such. I also wrote out a few things for the characters, which is something I have not done before. I am not the best writer and so I rarely think very highly of the things that I write, but I came across one thing I had written and it brought a smile to my face because I was actually very pleased with it and I would like to share it with you.

I wrote this for my friend Dawn's (aka iristoadfoot) character. She was playing a female Paladin(not like the D&D Paladin) named Frieda from the Palladium Fantasy RPG who had some Psychic abilities including the ability to receive visions from items she is handling (called Psychometry). At some point during the adventure she was to be given a piece of cloth ripped from one of the bad guys and she was to receive the following vision:

You are in what looks to be an entry way fighting against skeletons and zombies. You look to the right and see a large Wolfen warrior fighting them as well. He turns and shouts to you, "Keep moving, human. One of us must reach the inner sanctum before it is too late!"

As the vision progresses, it seems to fast forward through more fighting as you and the wolfen make your way deeper into the stronghold. The vision finally slows to normal and the two of you standing in a large chamber with a huge circle on the floor. The circle is filled with archaic symbols and in the center is a dias with an alter on it. The alter has 2 small bundles on it and they appear to be moving slightly. A large robed figure stands at the alter with a dagger in his hand, preparing to stab it into one of the small bundles. “Sedrac!” you shout in a deep voice filled with rage, “stop this madness now, necromancer!” The figure turns and throws back his hood to reveal a Wolfen with fur black as oil. He laughs at you saying, "You are too late, human scum! The ritual cannot be stopped now!"

He turns to stab down with the dagger, when, from out of nowhere, an Elf dives on to the alter and blocks the dagger with his magic bracers. The enraged necromancer tries to attack him but the Elf kicks the Wolfen in the stomach, causing him to fall. The Elf then gathers up the two bundles on the alter into his arms and leaps away from it. The room begins to shake and crackle with energy. The Wolfen necromancer stands to go after the Elf, but is stopped as bolts of magic energy collide with him, causing him to shake and scream violently. “You have not seen the last of me!!”, He shouts, “I will return one day to claim what is mine!!”

The three of you run out of the room, and as you make it out, there is a blinding flash of light and an explosion. After a minute, you look back in the room and see the smoking remains of the alter but there is no trace of Sedrac the necromancer. You look over at the elf and smile as he smiles back and hands you one of the bundles. As you take the bundle from him, you finally begin to hear crying. You look down and see a small baby girl, with blond hair, wrapped in the blankets.

As the vision fades, you hear yourself say, in the same deep voice but now filled with care, "It's allright now my little Frieda. It's all right."

The reason for the vision was to give her a clue as to who the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy/Gal) they were up against was. Can you guess who that was to be??? Tell me what you think of my writing attempt too.
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