Tafka (floopyboo) wrote in roleplayers,

New to GMing

I don't generally post to any of my goups, I'm more of a Lurker by nature.

I am about to plunge feet first into the role of GM for an online D&D3E (3.5) game with some people I have varying degrees of a relationship with. Their reason I'm GMing is because I'm the one with the sourcebooks and the experience playing the system we're playing. My reason I'm GMing is because my loving partner usually plays the role of GM for us, and I want to give him a break for once, so I'm getting experience as a GM with people who will be as new to the system as I am to GMing.

So, has anyone got any timely advice for me?

My first attempt - with a nice tight story - kind of fell flat on it's arse, mostly due to the creative thinking of my loving partner.

I'd like some suggestions on how to do something with a plot that's flexible. Or anything else you can think of for a quite terrified n00b GM.
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