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Session Update! The Black Company: Night Stalkers.

The game, a "starting with canon, who knows where it is going" Black Company Squad left behind in Juniper using Green Ronin's new d20 Black Company Campaign Setting.

The group, minus one player:

(Tim) Ghost, a tomb-robber & 2nd lvl thief, a Juniper native with 3 days in the Black Company.

(Chris) Cranes, a soldier & 2nd lvl weapon-master, a Forsberger who joined before the Battle of Charm.

(Aaron) Stitch, a physician's apprentice & 3rd lvl ranger, who joined the Company during the Salient campaign.

(Rob) Rag, a noble-born wizard's apprentice, 1st level wizard and 1st level noble, who has studied secret arts in the outlawed Black College in Oar, who joined as the company marched from Tully to Juniper.

The rest of the squad (NPCs)
Corporal Omelet soldier JoT1/Fighter2, Foul engineer Scout 2, Spark commoner Fighter 2, Big Horse thug Fighter 2, Little Horse commoner Scout 2

Opening Scene! (in media res, no set-up)
A demon grabs two flailing workers and drags them by the ankle towards the Black Castle. Stop them!

A couple arrows from Ghost & Cranes fail to mark the demon. Stitch manages to scratch it with his sword, Cranes swings his greatsword and gets it momentarily stuck in the demon's chitinous hide. Ghost ties a knot, making a lariat of sorts. Rag starts casting a "Sleep" effect, doing a little jig and singing in a strange tongue.

Ignoring them the demon surges towards the black gate (at half speed).

Ghost casts the lariat in front of the demon and manages to hook a foot. (Good idea!) Now he is being dragged too! Cranes gets in a solid blow. At the end of the round Big Horse lends his strength to Ghost to make a trip on the snared demon. It works! The demon falls, the workers clamber to their feet and flee. Rag dances.

With the demon down the squad swarms over it, as Ghost and Big Horse drag it towards the trenches. Another demon breaks free of a melee and approaches. Crane hacks the downed demon, and Stitch dispatches it with a powerful thrust. Rag dances, his warbling shrieks reach a high pitch.

Ghost frees his lariat and casts it at the new demon. He misses. It lands a telling blow on Cranes, he's on his last legs already, but manages to mark it's hide. Stitch tries to hamstring it, failing but scoring the creatures armour deeply. Little Horse nicks the demon. Finally Rag casts the sleep spell, tossing a whirling puff-ball at the creature. It shrugs off the effect, Rag is drained colourless by the effort.

Ghost and Big Horse get ready to use a trip-line to trap the demon. Crane tries another telling blow and misses, but Stitch manages to drive his blade all the way through the demon's torso. It collapses, trapping his blade.

The Lieutenant orders them to help Foul and Spark with a catapult, launching barrels of oil into the inferno before the gate.

A little later Shaky orders them to carry casualties back to Croaker's tent. Most help Curb, who is trying to hold his guts in, quickly making a stretcher with spears.

The Dominator emerges, a giant cloud. The Lady sallies out of Duretile to face him. Rag knows enough TelleKurre to understand the "Ardath, you bitch!" comment. The group stands and drools (all failed Will saves) until they are woken from their shock and awe by Shaky, and continue to carry the casualties back. There they find Pockets and a couple BC Brothers with a bit of Heal, but no Croaker. Stitch starts triage. Cranes starts assisting. The others head back for more injured.

While getting "numb-wine" to ease the pain Cranes sees a lone ship sailing out of the harbour, and the last carpet, Lady's carpet, soaring towards it, through the rigging, and into the sea.

Hours pass. Elmo and a handful of men, all dazed, but with their pockets stuffed with silver medallions emerge from the crumbling ruins of the Black Castle. No one can find many of the "Old Guard," it seems about two-thirds of them are missing!

A couple "guarding the burning black stones" scenes pass. Why did they leave? Limper and Whisper are obviously furious.

The next day. The squad has been out-fitted with hemp sacks and a variety of hammers. It is time to collect urns! The Custodians are out-raged, Hargadon's scorched body hangs from a tower of Duretile.

The exploration goes well. Not seeing the need for armour or weapons, they follow orders and bring them, and stay together. Time and time again they see one or two "cats-eyes" reflecting lantern-light, but never see the mysterious stlkers in the depths of the catacombs. With sacks full of silver (and pockets, gloves, boot-tops, and slit hems of tunics filled with silver too) they emerge, warning the next shift.

Exhausted they head back to their billet. Rag is of the opinion that Juniper is done, that the Lady is going to squeeze it like a grape. No one seems upset by that, least of all Ghost, who no longer fears the Custodians as long as he wears the badge of the Black Company.

Two blocks from their billet a roof-tile, an 8" by 12" sheet of slate, hits Spark in the head. He collapses. The group dodge and duck away from the rest of the tiles as they unlimber bows. Three or four arrows discourage the roof-top attackers. Ghost, who ducked around a corner, sees the approaching mob. Riots!

Stitch won't abandon Spark. He's wrapped his head, and breaking into a house they flee the street. Ghost and Foul lead the rioters astray, Foul staying close and relying on Ghost's superior knowledge of the street. The rest of the squad leg it for Duretile, carrying the unconcious Spark bound to a chair with his cloak.

Rag lays odds that Ghost and Foul will not get back unscratched. Cranes says Foul isn't going to make it back. While Stitch and Pockets do what they can for Spark the guys play a couple hands of Tonk, waiting for orders, as rioting sweeps the city.

Rag wins. Ghost and Foul make it back, both having been tagged by other roof-top ambushes laid for the occupying army. Omelet deals them in as they wait for orders... and the session ends.


Next week juniper explodes!


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