Miss Manners (miss_manners) wrote in roleplayers,
Miss Manners

Reviving the past...

It appears that Troll Lord Games wants to revive Gygax's old Castles and Crusades Society. For the uninititated the Castles and Crusades society was a SIG in a larger minature's group that concentrated on medieval minatures gaming. One of the members, Dave Arneson, took Gygax's skirmish level rules Chainmail and started running a dungeon game. Gygax took those ideas and ran with them...the result, three little brown books in a white box tilled "Dungeons and Dragons" (maybe you've heard of it).

Now Troll Lord wants to bring it back. The requirements to you:

Only that you game and have a sense of humor. Barring the sense of humor you must game in a funny manor (and yes I mean manor not manner).</a>

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