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Encouraging other sorts of RP?

(x-posted to gmworkshop and changelingway)

I GM an LJ Changeling: The Dreaming game set at a boarding school for young fae (as I've stated before in a couple of posts, the students at the school study both fae and mortal subjects). The players are a good, creative bunch and quite adept at coming up with their own subplots, so my assistants and I generally mod things with a light hand.

One thing I'd like to see some more of, however, is RP involving classes. It's not that I'm dissatisfied (because I'm not), but with all the RP involving parties, after-school activities, and trips into the nearby town, it seems that in-class RP gets short shrift.

I'd like to encourage more RP taking place in classes; any ideas? I play most of the teachers, if that helps people come up with anything....
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