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What do you want from the old school...

I found out much of the old FGU catalog is available online at DTRPG.

It got me thinking about "what do I miss from the old school".

Even though I started with a blue basic D&D book and a Gamma World boxed set (bought originally for the dice as the BD&D set was out of stock) before the first ed DMG came out (over a year before actually) I don't miss first edition much. And I miss second less.

I do miss D&D (as opposed to AD&D) some, but 3rd ed brings some of that feel back.

I do miss the original thrill I had with C&S but I think what it brought to the table has been done better.

Classic Traveller is still stellar is some ways but is also still available and arguably the most common form of Traveller played.

Runequest is gone but its successor, Herowars, is MUCH better for Glorantha and the generic fantasy spot is well covered.

CoC and Pendragon are still alive and kicking.

No, in the end I miss two old school games more than any others:

Monsters, Monsters the ORIGINAL you play the monsters RPG. By Ken St.Andre, the Troll Lord himself, it's not Vampire: the Moping but D&D (well, technically T&T) in reverse. You're an orc, an orge, a troll out to kill adventures and raid human settlements.

And it's less serious than T&T proper (if that's possible).

But my real old school love is Villains and Vigilantes, V&V. Hero may be more flexible and M&M may be cooler but there is something about V&V that even today if I'm going to run 4 color supers that'll be the system. And you can have damned near all of it for $75 on PDF.

That is so cool.
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