Ambient Decadence (ambientdecadenc) wrote in roleplayers,
Ambient Decadence

Paladin help

Hi all!

I have been playing for a few years now as a cleric in my boyfriend's game (he DMs). It was my first group in a while so I was happy we all kinda grew as a group and I am very comfortable with these people.

The man and I have now begun playing in another of his freind's games going through the largest dungeon ever. We thought it would be fun to switch roles and have him play a female wizard and I play her/his Paladin boyfriend. I have based my personality a little on Cronk from the Emporer's New Groove, but I have really struggled to "get" the paladin. It may be intimidation on my part as they are all much more experienced gamers and as the paladin I am expected to lead the group. They are mostly nice people and I knw it is irrational but somehow I am still struggling.

Can anyone offer some inspiration to model the heroic aspects of my paladin character? I have heard thus far of Lancelot as a model, but I really have a hard time fitting Cronk into that suave romantic role. He worships Heironious god of Valor & Justice
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