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Fond Memories of Games Past

I was just going through some of my old files, and I came across the notes from a game I remember fondly.

It was a long-running fantasy campaign, in a system of our own devising that was somewhat GURPS-like. We called it Base 10. It's basically GURPS with so many house-rules changes we gave it a new name. Anyway, the system really isn't relavent. It was set in an original fantasy universe.

Our party of rogues and heroes went on a mighty quest to a far-off kingdom. Along the way, we discover an abandoned mine. The journey was long, and we were bored, so we decided to investigate. Joy of joys! Hidden catacombs! Clever traps! 10' x 10' hallways! We found ourselves in an old-fashioned dungeon-crawl!

It had been many years since we, as players, had enjoyed a good dungeon-crawl, and we were ecstatic to have the fun of one again. It got rather silly at times, as games sometimes do with players that have been gaming together for a long time, but with excellent use of candles and mood music, our GM got us at the edge of our seats a few times with the creepiness and hidden secrets of the dungeon. He was very good at that.

Finally, we arrived at the heart of the catacombs! After having disabled, avoided (or even accidentally triggering) many traps, after having slain many subterranean beasts, we got to what some would call the "Boss" monster: an 8' female minotaur! We didn't manage to kill her -- we just wounded her badly enough that she ran away. But we'd won! We finally got to the treasure chamber, and we were not disappointed! Gold! Jewels! Magical trinkets! Many were our whoops and hollers of triumph as we filled our pockets, backpacks and beltpouches. We rested and celebrated, counted our money, identified the magic things we'd found, and were about to settle down for a well-deserved sleep.

But then, a shadow passed over the doorway...

The owner of the dungeon, the 8' female minotaur, was screaming with rage, and demanding that the legion of Imperial soldiers she's brought back with her arrest us for tresspassing, destroying her property, killing her pets, attempting to murder her and make off with her money.

We were promptly arrested and thrown in jail.

We laughed for hours.

Ah, good times...

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