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Stargate Sg-1 The RPG

Well I'm new here. And I came across this community and decided to join because roleplaying is more addictive to me than any drug could ever be. Though I guess I shouldn't really compare the two since I've never and will never try any drugs. But anyways that aside I love to play D&D and finally after years have found a really fun group to play with. I still technically have a crappier less actually roleplaying group on the side but the people who know how to roleplay from it (though some of them no longer try) have all given up on trying to orginize anything.

So now that you sorta know my roleplaying situation I'm going to ask for some advice or uh comments suggestions anything on a topic I'd like to talk about. Stargate Sg-1 the RPG! For anyone who doesn't know the show it's totally amazing and well I'm hooked. It's kinda like the second IV in my arm that is roleplaying being the first. Now I've been given the opportunity to join into a Stargate based campaign (Yes; there is an entire world setting and HUGE book for this :D:D:D) and I was kinda wondering if anyone had tried it and has advice for how to start it up. It's everyone in the group's first session and any info I could provide would be helpful and of course I think the best way for me to aquire info is to ask a community of roleplayers such as yourselves.

Anyways so far I believe I'm going to try the role of the scientist though I might need to give that up for something more combative since we have someone who isn't too experienced in combat roleplaying in the group. Though I'm sure theres a new combat system and I won't know it any better than anyone else in the group and the scientist still does have to fight... Anyways Cheers.
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