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Help me.

Ok, our fav DM is leaving to go do 2 years in Iraq. He's going to have fun playing games with all his army buddies and crap, but we're rather screwed in his absence. So, we've all got to take up some slack and pick a game or system to run. I really can't decide which I want to do, but have narrowed it down to the following (and yes, I did eliminate some).

D&D. Don't want to do this, but I do have a few neat story ideas, just worried that the PCs will have too high of an attrition rate. I tend to create complementary enemy formations and groups, and they don't deal well when magic and combat are put together against them, though they can annihilate one or the other in short order.

Mechwarrior. Not sure which to do if I do this, I'm thinking either A) IS forces right as the Clans invade B) SL forces wiping out the Smoke Jaguars C) Some kind of Covert Ops game since the book ruled D) A Republic era game. I played in one of these with aforementioned DM and it was literally my favorite character of all time ever in any system, and the best roleplaying experience I've ever had the pleasure of engaging in.

New World of Darkness system bastardized and beaten into a setting stolen straight from Way of the Wolf/Choice of the Cat, if you've read them. If not, post apocalyptic stuff, Vampires of a sort, Grogs (big dumb brutes), and all kinds of other neat stuff. Has the proper horror/losing battle/hopelessness setting the WoD already builds in, AND the new skill sets are almost perfect.

New World of Darkness with some kind of mortals game.

Vampire the Requiem. Already had a ton of neat ideas for this one too.

Morrow Project. Have some neat ideas for this as well, and I really want to run a group through Prime Base.

Lastly, an Oriental Adventures Rokugan game, extremely light on combat, emphasis on politics/a bit of magic/secrets/intrigue/backstabbing/conniving/wheels within wheels - basically all the things D&D usually doesn't include, but the Rokugan setting can do so so well.

Anybody who thinks one of these sounds better than others, please say so, and possibly more importantly, why. Thanks in advance.
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