tim guereca (seiffer66) wrote in roleplayers,
tim guereca

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Im thinking of running a game, a different type of game than most of my usual players expect. I was thinking of calling it "Mythstalkers" after an obscure Image title of the same name. Here, the characters will be investigators of supernatural and legendary entities. I am going for a more investigative feel as opposed to a bullets flying gung-ho John Wu type theme. So the characters will most likely be scientists, investigators, ( and perhaps a military spec just in case, no sense in being ill-prepared )

Also I'm running this game for fun, so there will be nearly no continuity in the games. Each session will represent one "episode" where the players research, track, and eliminate/capture/rescue the subject.

Im sure someone has done something of the sort before, if any one here has, how did it go? Did your players find the EXP and in-game valour acceptible rewards as opposed to Breeches of Fireblast and vasts amounts of gold coins? ( This is something I'm worried about. )

Im thinking, this will be fun due to the near limitless subjects out there, the loads and loads of foreign locations and the research necessary to run the games.
The idea for my "pilot" episode is Strange Death Occurences In Rural Mexico.

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