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Missing a Munchkin

In White Wolf games, they usually have a section somewhere that details the munchkins and miscreants of the gaming world. I get a pretty big kick out of reading it, and I think the writers missed an important munchkin that is particularly virulent in V:tM.

It's the "noble" roleplayer. It's present in any genre, really, but I believe V:tM put it on the map. It's the kind of person who will spend an hour explaining the subleties of their social maneuverings, the type of person who finds it exciting when an entire session of play passes without combat. The type of person who will study Chaucer- not out of any real interest, mind you- but only in order to quote it from time to time in game.

They're as absurd as any other extremist type of roleplayer, but the critical difference is the level of esteem to which they hold themselves and the amount of criticism they level at absolutely everything.

"I don't really know what's up with the sky today. It's so BLUE.... how passe."

This type of munchkin is much worse to deal with than most, mainly because they're a pain most of the time, and get only worse when you're playing.

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