Please Replace Your Speaker (agent13) wrote in roleplayers,
Please Replace Your Speaker

Well, hoody-hoo!

NCsoft announced today that the upcoming City of Villains -- an evil-doing expansion to the popular City of Heroes MMORPG -- will now benefit from two RPG veterans as part of the Cryptic Studios development team.

Dave "Zeb" Cook will join as senior designer for the project. Cook brings 25 years of game design experience, including 15 years working for TSR, Inc. of Dungeons & Dragons fame. Cook is known for designing the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Dungeon Master's Handbook as well as the creation of the pen-and-paper Planescape game.

Shane Hensley, creator of the Deadlands RPG, has signed on as a senior writer for City of Villains. Hensley has contributed to various computer and board games, game guides, and novels, and has worked for companies like TSR, West End Games, SSI, and FASA. His novels have been published by Harper Collins and White Wolf Studios.

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