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Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if I have ever posted here or not. I have a shocking memory, just FULL of holes.

I've been roleplaying for ..hmmm... maybe 16 years or so. It's been mostly D&D, some GURPS and random other stuff. I've been lucky enough to marry a really fine GM who has been very encouraging to me in my efforts to learn to Game master. To date I have only run a few campaigns but the players seemed to really enjoy them for the most part.

Currently I am running a one on one game (we have moved to the middle of NOWHERE) for just my husband. It's a forgotten Realms game set in the Unapproachable East. Since I am still learning as I go, I like to keep my players a bit off balance, so I have had him origionate in Cormyr and he has washed up on the shores of... the great dale, is it? (we just started this past weekend) after a shipwreck. My problem is this; I haven't been able to find much info on specific towns... the UE book is great as far as it goes, but is there a module anyone can reccomend? I just need one for backround info/maps etc.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.
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