Dee Jay 7-Tails AKA Ken (kitsunex) wrote in roleplayers,
Dee Jay 7-Tails AKA Ken

Game Advice

Ok so i'm running my heavy gear game and need some help brainstorming.. like i mentioned in a previous post, there are 3 players in my game, and they are duelists/Mercenaries.. Well they took a merc job and tommarrow i'm running the game.. basically they were given the task of assaulting a caravan moving north through teh badlands and have to capture teh cargo and bring it back .. Well they found out the owners of the cargo are Skunkworks..Well my plan is that Skunkworks is moving some prototype gears to a remote location to do some testing.. So my question is if they are moving these prototype gears and want to make it look like nothing special to avoid getting hit by bandits but at the same time be able to protect said precious cargo, what type of gears do you think they would have guarding it?

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