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Random Hit Points?

My soon-to-be DM wisely pointed out that in the various incarnations of D&D, your character's hit points are the only aspect that is randomized (we use the point-buying system for primary stats). I recall this being the case in some other systems as well. In any game with even a moderate amount of combat, your HP total can make or break the whole game, so it seems somewhat strange to leave it up to chance. I kind of see his point.

His proposed solution is to give a set amount of HP per level (full HP at first, half of your hit-die rounded up thereafter, plus CON modifier). While this certainly solves the problem, I think some customization would be nice. My idea would be to let the characters spend skill points for HP. Some possible variations (not necessarily exclusive):

  • Use a fixed "base amount" per level, or keep the random roll and use that as the base amount?

  • Allow players to buy more than their HD per level (I'm inclined to say no because of game balance issues)?

  • Use different conversion rates for different classes? For example, fighter-types get an even trade, where wizards might need to spend 2 or 3 skill points per hit point.

Any thoughts on this?

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