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Gaming Blues.........

I have been playing RPG's for a long time now and I have always enjoyed it but lately I have not been having very much fun. I think it has to do with the fact that the main group I game with is a) up in Temecula (that is a long ass drive on Friday evening when you are in San Diego) b) the main GM in our group changes the game we are playing almost every other week. We make characters and play the game for a few sessions and then he decides he wants to run a different game and we have to make all new characters. We have not completed one campaign since I started gaming with them almost 3 years ago. We have come close but never actually finished.

I think that to really enjoy a game you have to be able to flesh out your character and really get to know their quirks. The best games I have played were with my old group in Simi Valley. We had games that lasted for months (even a couple of years) where I played the same character until we either finished the campaign or the character was killed and I had to make another one. The best example is a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game my friend John ran. It lasted over 2 years (with a few breaks here and there to play a different ongoing D&D game just to break the monotony). I played a total of 2 characters in that game 1 Glasswalker Garou and 1 Immortal (think Highlander type character). The Glasswalker lasted over a year before he was killed, and the Immortal finished out the game. I got to know both characters very well and really enjoyed playing them each week. I enjoyed not only playing the character's strengths but having to deal with their weaknesses as well. That is almost more fun for me.

I miss that feeling. Anyone else ever have this feeling?
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